Accurately scaled medium poly-count models of baseball stadiums created for HIGH HEAT BASEBALL 2002 Playstation 2 console title. All modeling and mapping by PD, texture creation by others.






Animated driver views depicting in-progress accurately scaled modeling of Phoenix International Raceway (left) and Las Vegas Motor Speedway (right). All modeling & texturing by PD. Created for EA NASCAR REVOLUTION (PC) and EA NASCAR 99 (Playstation One). (Click to view videos.)


Characters for a computer/video-feedback prototype children's game. Created in Softimage. All modeling & texturing by PD, concept drawings by others.


Pre-rendered (high polygon) artwork depicting the Imperial Pavilion in the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. Created for BYZANTINE: THE BETRAYAL computer game by Discovery Channel Multimedia. Left image is a portfolio view, unwrapped image to the right is backside box cover art. All modeling & texturing by PD. (Click left image to view video.)


Left: Image of the Pavilion room from Newsweek magazine. Right: Close up detail.


Left: Puzzle element from BYZANTINE in portfolio view. Right: depicted in backside box cover art. All element modeling & texturing by PD.


Additional BYZANTINE puzzle elements. All modeling & texturing by PD.


Animation samples created for STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE: HARBINGER computer game by Viacom New Media. Character animation by PD, all modeling and texturing by others. (Click bordered images to view videos.)

Player encounters Quark at his bar (left) and hoarding latinum (right).

Player encounters alien intruder in a cargo bay.


STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE: HARBINGER alien attack vessels. Modeling and texturing by PD, concept art by others.



PDS was a unique opportunity to develop UI graphics from concept to final 2D/3D production art. It was a combination electronic keyboard/software teaching system for children that in the mid-90s had television exposure in an infomercial hosted by Herbie Hancock.


Left: preliminary designs for signifying different modules on the home screen within the overall theme of an island amusement park. Right: final home screen graphic. Design sketches and 3D elements by PD, 2D embellishment of final graphic by Art Director.


Scale progression and chord dexterity exercises within the Practice mode. 2D/3D scene creation by PD, final 2D embellishment by Art Director.


Marketing materials.

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